About Feminists Deliver

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Feminists Deliver is a grassroots collaboration of BC-based Two-Spirit people, non-binary folks, Indigiqueer, trans women, lesbian women, and cis women and girls, and the organizations that support them that have come together, on account of the 2019 Women Deliver Conference taking place in Vancouver, to:
  1. shed a light on the urgent issues facing marginalized communities in BC and the grassroots struggles leading the way for transformative change;
  2. build transnational connections between grassroots intersectional feminist movements; and
  3. re-envision the global women’s agenda as one that centers a diversity of grassroots intersectional feminist voices
  4. host a four-day conference and tradeshow.


Feminists Deliver’s approach is intersectional, anti-oppressive, and decolonial.

Membership of Feminists Deliver is diverse and inclusive of all people that experience marginalization on the basis of gender.

Feminists Deliver began in 2018 and now boasts involvement of 25 organizations spanning disciplines and intersectional equality seeking efforts including: Indigenous women, Immigrant and Refugee women, Black women, French speaking women, non-binary and trans women, lesbian women, women with disabilities, girls and young women, girls/young women aging out of foster care, women’s housing, gender violence including sexual assault and domestic violence, legal justice and law reform, women’s health and reproductive justice, women’s mental health and substance use/recovery, women that do sex work and sex workers, women’s poverty, child care, women’s employment, rural women, women living in downtown eastside Vancouver, women’s philanthropy, and municipal actions for women’s safety.


Our Values

We share the following values:

  1. We believe that at the core of the feminist agenda lies the fight to decolonize our societies including our laws, structures of governance, organizations, and ways of thinking.
  2. We are intersectional. We believe that structures of power including colonialism, patriarchy, racism, and capitalism, intersect to create diverse and compounding experiences of oppression and marginalization.
  3. We are inclusive of all people that experience marginalization on the basis of gender including Trans, two-spirit and non-binary people.
  4. We believe that change comes from the grassroots and that the people most impacted by intersecting forms of oppression must be key actors in all conversations that engage their interests.
  5. We share a concern over the exclusion of grassroots feminist voices in the global women’s agenda and seek to make connecting grassroots struggles a key priority for the global women’s agenda.
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We are thankful for the generous support of the following organizations: