It matters that we vote

It matters who we vote for

Vote on Monday October 21


Which of the candidates who wants your vote has committed to the following Feminist Deliver values?

  • To decolonize our society

We believe that at the core of the feminist agenda lies the fight to decolonize our societies including our laws, structures of governance, organizations, and ways of thinking.

  • To be intersectional

We are intersectional. We believe that structures of power including colonialism, patriarchy, racism, and capitalism, intersect to create diverse and compounding experiences of oppression and marginalization.

  • To be inclusive

We are inclusive of all people that experience marginalization on the basis of gender including Trans, two-spirit and non-binary people.

  • To support the grassroots

We believe that change comes from the grassroots and that the people most impacted by intersecting forms of oppression must be key actors in all conversations that engage their interests.

  • To include feminist voices

We share a concern over the exclusion of grassroots feminist voices in the global women’s agenda and seek to make connecting grassroots struggles a key priority for the global women’s agenda.

Vote on Monday October 21

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