Based in British Columbia, Options for Sexual Health (or “Options”) is Canada’s largest non- profit provider of sexual health services. We are privileged to work with over 34,000 individuals at our more than 60 clinics annually; deliver education training and workshops to another 8,000 folks; and responding to 12,000 emails and calls each year through our Sex Sense information and referral line. Options has been providing sexual health services in British Columbia for many years; proudly celebrating our 56th birthday this year!
We truly embrace our mission to champion and celebrate sexual health, and achieve this by providing accessible, non-judgmental sexual health care to clients seeking to improve their sexual health and wellness. As advocates for reproductive justice, Options for Sexual Health is committed to finding ways to ensure that barriers to access such as location or money are limited or abolished. Free contraception for all as well as universal access to abortion continue to be passion projects of the organization and its allies. Our rich history in the provision of accessible contraception services has expanded in response to emerging issues such as an increase in demand for STI testing, safer sex awareness, gender diversity, and increased knowledge about the intersection between sexuality and the social determinants of health.
Formerly known as Planned Parenthood Association of BC, Options for Sexual Health’s roots in communities across BC are evident. We know our strength and success is based on a combination of the efforts of passionate local volunteers, a small (and tireless) provincial support staff, 200 committed nurses and physicians, and both formal and informal partnerships with community stakeholders and institutions.
Options for Sexual Health is a proud partner at the Feminists Deliver table and humbled by the creative, insightful humans powering this collective. We believe that grassroots organizations, working together, applying a decolonizing, intersectional and anti-oppression framework to all we do, can create just the right conditions for monumental shifts in thinking and ultimately, social change.