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As we witness many people in the US protest police violence that claimed George Floyd’s life, we need to also interrogate our own history of violence against Black people here in Canada. After all, how different are we from the US when the Canadian police killed 17 Black people in the past seven years alone? People in Canada forget that white supremacy has thrived and existed in this country long before the country has even formed, which affects the lives of Black people who live here today. It’s time to turn inwards and shed a light on anti-Blackness in Canada.

There has been a hatred against Black people from the very beginning. The overt and covert racism in the US provide cover for Canadians to not examine their own anti-Blackness.

Feminists Deliver is honoured to host Resistance and Resurgence: Confronting Anti-Black Racism in Canada.

We will have the following Black people join us:

The panelists joining will be expending their labour, energy, and time, and in so many ways, attendees will never come close to understanding the pain, trauma and survival of Black people. Feminists Deliver is committed to amplifying and not silencing Black voices, and this discussion is long overdue.

This conversation will be centering Black voices. We ask non-Black people to witness and decentre themselves, and not comment or ask questions. Please do your own work outside of this discussion.

When you get a ticket, we ask that you make a donation and financial gifts to support  Black people in your community (an individual or an organization), protest, or bail funds. Thanks to Central City Foundation, we are able to now offer webinar seats to 3,000 people.

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