The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC (CCCABC) is an inclusive, feminist, membership-based organization comprised of individuals and groups including parents, grandparents, child care providers, community organizations, academics and unions. Through research, public education and mobilization, we work collectively to achieve a high-quality, affordable, accessible child care system that serves the public interest.

We are proud partners in broader feminist and social justice movements where, with many allies, we fight for a better world in which equity means inclusion, opportunity and accessibility for all.

We are the leading provincial organization for whom child care is the key lens through which we advance this better world. We advocate for quality, affordable, inclusive and accessible child care because we believe it is the right thing to do – for children, women, families, communities, the economy and our environment. Not surprisingly, evidence and lived experience from a broad range of perspectives overwhelmingly support this belief.

In 2011 we co-launched the $10aDay Child Care Plan as a made-in-BC solution to the existing child care chaos of: too few licensed spaces, fees that are too high for most families, and educator wages that are too low for such important work. There are now 56 local governments in BC supporting the $10aDay Plan along with 31 school districts, hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals. We invite you to join us at