We said no to involuntary treatment!

Feminists Deliver recently endorsed Pivot Legal Society’s position paper, Involuntary Treatment: Criminalization by another name, amid government movement toward the expansion of involuntary treatment in BC. Involuntary treatment includes interventions such as forced medication, institutionalization & other coerced behaviour.

We joined Pivot Legal in standing up to this dangerous policy direction and said NO to involuntary treatment.

Member organizations’ highlights

New Look, New Name: Wavaw is now Salal

New Look, New Name: Wavaw is now Salal

On April 1, our member organization, Women Against Violence Against Women renamed themselves to Salal Sexual Violence Support Centre.

Why Salal?

Salal offers the beauty of different interpretations. On these lands, it refers to the plant. In other languages, it describes waterfalls and the action of lifting up. We hope these different meanings allow survivors and the community to see themselves in our new name, planting the seeds for people to feel seen and held.

Questions? Reach out Salal at admin@salalsvsc.ca or check out http://salalsvsc.ca/salal-faqs

Justice Centre at BWSS

Justice Centre at BWSS

The Justice Centre at BWSS is a community-based legal clinic, providing trauma and violence informed, multilingual, and culturally responsive legal services to diverse women who have experienced violence in BC.

The Justice Centre is a unique and sole legal centre of its kind in Western Canada, providing comprehensive legal services to women survivors of violence.

Some of the legal services the Justice Centre at BWSS provides:

  • Legal Advice and Representation
  • Family Law Clinic
  • The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
  • Legal Advocacy Workshops
  • Court and Immigration Forms
  • *Upcoming* MCFD Advocacy Clinics

To make an appointment with the Justice Centre, please call their Crisis and Intake line 1-855-687-1868 or in Metro Vancouver 604-687-1867.

Upcoming Events

Truth and Reconciliation Webinars

Truth and Reconciliation Webinars

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is teaming up with our member organization, Women Transforming Cities (WTC), to host a learning series for local government leaders about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action. Through two webinars, we will highlight key takeaways for local leaders from WTC’s recent report: The TRC Calls to Action in BC Municipalities: Progress, Barriers, and Opportunities to Accelerate Implementation.

Date: Wed, Apr 26

Time: 11.00am-12.30pm PDT

Please register to receive the recording of the webinars.

Alternatives to Police-involved Crisis Responses

Alternatives to Police-involved Crisis Responses

Defund 604 Network’s Abolitionist Care and Belonging (ACAB) is hosting community events on the last Thursday of every month to dream and plan for alternative responses to mental health crisis in our communities. Honoraria provided for the drop-in.

Date: Thu, Apr 27

Time: 7.00pm PDT

Location: Jonathan Rogers Park, 10 W 7th Ave, Vancouver

Next dates: May 25 (BIPOC only) and June 29

Sher Vancouver’s Dosti Project

Sher Vancouver’s Dosti Projects

Join Sher Vancouver for their monthly meet up and learn how to make candles! ⁠

The workshop will provide a relaxed atmosphere where participants can connect with like-minded individuals in a queer-friendly space. You do not have to participate in the workshop to attend. ⁠Food and Drinks provided.

Date: Saturday 15th April 2023⁠

Time: 5.00-9.00pm⁠ PDT

Location: Solid State, 10326 Whalley Blvd, Surrey⁠

Learning Centre

Komagata Maru
Komagata Maru

340 Sikhs, 24 Muslims and 12 Hindus chartered the Komagata Maru to sail from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada. Read about this racially violent history of Canada as part of your learning for Sikh Heritage Month (April).

The Return of the G'psgolox Pole
The Return of the G’psgolox Pole

This documentary traces the journey of the Haisla people to reclaim the G’psgolox totem pole that went missing from their British Columbia village in 1929.


Thrift Store & Donations Coordinator – Aunt Leah’s Place

Multiple positions – Atira Women’s Resource Society

Communications officer – BC Association of Friendship Centres

Community Care Worker – Hogan’s Alley Society

Multiple positions – Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

Clinic coordinator – Options for Sexual Health

Early Childhood Educator – Pacific Immigrant Resources Society

Multiple leadership and admin jobs – RainCity Housing

Finance Manager – UBCIC

Cosmo program coordinator – Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

Finance Coordinator – Victoria Women’s Transition House

Crisis line specialist – Salal Sexual Violence Support Centre

Assistant project coordinator – North Shore Women’s Centre