The Canadian federal election is coming up on Monday, September 20, 2021. Voting is already under way for folks who want to vote in advance. Voting is a choice many people make to address and influence the institutional power that inevitably affect all of our lives here and globally. Yet, we also understand that certain aspects of voting has been designed to suppress and marginalize, including through disenfranchisement (ie. some disabled voters have no access to voting even if they’re eligible), lack of information and time to vote, voter ID issues, not being allowed to vote (ie. permanent residents, migrants, people under 18 years old) and more.

However you choose to engage this election, we encourage you to ask candidates the following questions. Your opportunity is now: There are a number of all-candidates meetings (meetings or debates where candidates could convince you–the voter– as to why they’re the better choice for you) under way as we wrap up this 44th federal election.

Ask these carefully-curated questions by sending them to all-candidates meetings organizers, asking candidates through social media, or email (although publicly is preferred so other voters could also decide for themselves) or even safely in-person or by phone, if you encounter them or their representative.

These conversations are the least we should be having – and what better time to engage than during a time when candidates are committing to gain your trust, respect, and representation in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

What questions did we miss? Did you receive a response from your candidate? What did you think of their response? Would this change your opinion of candidates?